Join the ESTP and support European Tattoo and Pigment Research

The most important aspect of becoming a member of ESTP is that you support the improvement and development of tattoo and pigment research in Europe.

Furthermore, a membership of ESTP will give you influence on this development. As an ESTP member you can vote for board members, and dependent on your membership category stand for election to the board.

All members receive a membership certificate.

How to apply for Membership of our European Society

Check out our membership categories and see which one you belong to.
Fill out our application form well readable.
Send the form by e-mail to the ESTP Secretariat:

Evaluations of new applicants will be undertaken by the ESTP board. Once your membership application has been evaluated you will be notified. If your application has been approved you will receive a link to follow for final subscription.

Membership categories and fees

1 year 3 years
Ordinary Member
Open to any Person supporting the society aims.
50 €90 €
Specialist member
Clinical specialists and researchers with merits, Europeans.
50 €75 €
Junior member
As above, in training or full time research
20 €35 €
International member
Clinical specialists and researchers with merits, non Europeans.
50 €75 €
Supporting member
Societies, institutions and companies.
100 €150 €
Honorary member
By nomination.
0 €0 €

ESTP member benefits

Congress fee reduction at the biannual ESTP congress (WCTP)
Free electronic subscription of the peer-reviewed scientific journal named Dermatology (Karger AG, Switzerland)
All members are encouraged to submit dermatology articles to this journal, section “tattoo and body art” (J. Serup section Editor)
Members shall receive newsletters for members only on new regulations, recently published research, relevant new information for the tattoo business including the tattooists and ink manufacturers
Mailings for your update with invitation to contribute to public hearings: Members are invited by mail to give comments when ESTP shall respond to public hearings initiated by EU and other organisations. ESTP will make your voice heard.
Furthermore, scientific reports and books sponsored by ESTP and of special interest to ESTP members will be provided
Increase your contacts, friendships and network across borders between ESTP members, who meet at the biannual congresses organised in different European cities - such as Copenhagen, Bruges, Regensburg and Bern. The ESTP is a living society that brings people together, clinical and experimental researchers, tattooists, PMU-artists, the tattoo ink industry and the regulators.
New projects you have and wish to expand: ESTP helps to establish project groups and new research in various aspects of tattoos and pigments. Bring your proposal and receive advices from ESTP with relevant contacts to members, who may join your project.